Personal First Aid Kit


Small Personal Kit
Lite weight
combine with other kits to give you more resources.


Another in house built kit based on a very basic kit that can be carried while tramping with a group of people, The idea here is with several people having small kits combined all gear makes good cache of first aid equipment.

Small and easy to carry in a rapid deployment bag, top of your pack, or hunting vest. Everything is again sealed from the weather in Vac-Pac packets, and easy marked for opening with wet hands.




Survival Blanket                                                                                      1
Patient Assessment form                                                                       1
First Aid Tips card                                                                                  1
Disposable gloves in Ziplock plastic bag                                            1 pair
Cohesive bandage (7.5cm)                                                                    1 roll
Mini Shears                                                                                              1



Inside the Vacpack

Triangular bandage                                                                                   1
Sterile Gauze squares                                                                                2
Adhesive plasters                                                                                       6
Non adherent dressing (7.5x10cm)                                                        1
Medium Island Dressing (8x10cm)                                                       1