Outdoor Kit


Compact group outdoor kit
Vac-Pac soft items


Based on the “suggested team’ kit that LandSAR NZ use, we have put this kit together to allow people access to a good kit, It has all the you need in it for a slightly bigger group, and is all in one bag ready to go.

Like our other “in house” kits we vac – pac all the soft items so they are kept clean and dry yet easy to get to.

One really good item to go with this kits is a mouldable split, We haven’t included it with this only as it dosnt fit the bags we are using at the moment.

**Note the bag is not a “dry bag” **


1x Kit contents list
4x Patient Report Form (PRF)
2x CAT Tourniquet (CAT G7)
1x Israeli bandage (10Cm)
1x CPR Face shield
1x Cohesive bandage 10Cm
1x Saline 15ml (inside the cohesive)
1x Shears
1x Tweezers
Disposable gloves (Medium/Large) 2 assorted pairs
1x Syringe 10ml
1x Survival blanket

Inside the Vacpack
1x Steri-strips (3mm)
1x Steri-strips (6mm)
4x Sterile gauze squares
2x Non-adherent dressing (10×7.5)
12x Adhesive plasters 12
2x Triangular bandage (calico)
2x Alcohol wipes

Ziplock plastic bags (have PRFs, Shears, in them) 3

**Medications can be added separate on request**

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