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Love the mask

Great useful cream

Cavilon is like a Swiss Army knife of barrier creams. Very useful and lasts a surprisingly long time

Still awaiting for the order

Hi team, we still haven’t received the item. Please keep track on this thanks.

The best thing for your vehicle first aid kit

We have Celox gauze pads as part of our first aid kits in each of our cars and motorcycle. Designed to stop heavy bleeding, the content of the pad reacts with blood to seal the wound. The best thing is that minimal first aid knowledge is required. Essential for every first aid kit and could well save a life.

great product

Great service and savings

I had recently been discharged from hospital required some hospital grade wipes and barrier cream. I went online and found KT Service LTD had both products and far cheaper than what chemists were advertising on line. Put in my order and they arrived a few days later. Great communication re progress of my order. Will definitely use them in the future.

 Chest Seal- vent- Twin pack

I hope I never have to use it but what a brilliant piece of kit I've been told by other cops in specialist roles.
Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Alcohol Wipes 70%

KT services was fantastic in helping me sort everything out for my Garmin inreach mini

Face Mask3 Ply

Excellent quality face masks, cool colour, bought a box for each family member so we are set for weeks. Great service and communication too

Face Mask 3ply

AM very happy with my order, good product will shop here again thanks

All first aid consumables ordered

Thank you very quick and no hassle order. When if there is a possibility large 20 x 10 or larger island and or nonadherent dressings available. Still excellent services very much appreciated


good, prompt.

Face Shield

Excellent service. Great looking product. Hopefully I never have to use it, but I am
extremely confident that it will do a splendid job if I do.

Really easy to use.

Triangle Bandages

Great pouch for your PLB

Great litttle pouch for the ACR PLB fluro colour makes it easy to spot and offers some protection to the device

Saved my dog, and others.

Used this hunting a few times and saved dogs. My dog cut its foot real bad at home the other day, a compression bandage would not stop the bleeding and it was dripping fast. I used Celox and rebandaged and not a single drip thereafter. Straight to the emergency vet ($900 later) and sweet as.


Order got to me super quickly and was all well packaged. I got 2 of these to add to my daughters karate bag as she has a full contact fight coming up. We were intrigued so used one already. It's no replacement for reusable ice packs as it doesn't get as cold, but it will be great to keep down swelling so I will be reordering.


The order came very quickly. Bandages look great. Just needed to restock my first aid kit so I haven't uses them yet

Shears and Scissors - 5 types

Clear Simple instructions

Looks like a great product. Light and compact to carry. Instructions and guidance pictures appear clear and simple to use.