Stopping the Bleed Kit

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Major Trauma



Stop the bleed

Another in house kit, built on the basis of  the  “stopping the bleed” campaigns and thinking of major blood loss from major trauma, this could be from chainsaw injury’s, motor vehicle crashes,  hunting incidents, or really anything where sharp objects met our body at high speed.

We have seen many other kits and ideas out there, but the need to have the contents on your person no matter what you are wearing or the environment you are working in, has lead us to make this kit in a robust 5.11 IFAK bag, this allows for multipool attachment options to your person, and is very weather resistant, yet has a tear open top to gain access to everything quick and easy.

This kit contains items such as Celox, CAT Tourniquets , and other specialist items, please ensure you have the training on these prior to needing to use them.


A article from Newshub, interview Dr Tony Smith

An article from NZ Doctor re the “stop the bleed” campaigns in New Zealand


Additional information

Chest Seal

Compact Twin Chest Seal, No Chest Seal


Black CAT, Orange CAT

Bag Colour

Black Bag, Sandstone bag

Contents List

Celox rapid Z fold gauze                        1
Cat Tourniquet                                        1
X/L Shears                                               1
Trauma Bandage 10CM                        1
Green cyalume stick (glue stick)         1
Emergency blanket                                1
Nitrile Gloves (Large)                            1

Contents List - Stop the bleed


Whats in the kit

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