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Inreach Plans

KT Services has Partnered with TrackMe NZ to bring what we think are the best Inreach Plans, both value for money and best service for you while out in the wilderness

Turn your inReach into a Smart locator beacon

Available for GARMIN SE+, Explorer+ and Mini only. The new Annual Prepay data plan has a set data limit of 10,000 bytes of data for the year, but can be used at any time throughout the year without needing to notify TrackMe NZ. SOS is always active, connected to New Zealand Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, RCCNZ, as well as the 24/7 TrackMe Response Centre even when hibernated and does not count towards your data allocation. Byte Calculator.

If you use your inReach frequently, only in an Emergency, or a few times a month scattered throughout the year then PrePay On Demand is for you

Want the inReach or for just a couple of months a year then suspending and connecting to one of our byte-based plans could be just what you want

Inreach annaul plan
Inreach Annual Plan
Monthly plans
Monthly plans

Data does not roll over. SOS is always active and does not count towards your data allocation. See the byte calculator to determine your usage.

Kt service
Text messages include replies from a web portal or direct text from a mobile, email or another inReach device. Text messages are limited to 160 Characters both ways. Extra charges apply for overuse. SOS data does not count towards your plan use