Inreach hire

inReach Hire

Don’t want to buy a device for the short trips, how about hiring one for those weekends away or muti day escapes during the week.

We can take all the hassles of plans, keep devices up to date, batteries, and ongoing maintenance.

Get the latest devices and the best plans available with the inReach hire units.

The Garmin inReach Mini is a great device for keeping in contact with family and friends while away, you can get the local weather forecast, and send a tracking map so those at home can see your travels each day.
The Garmin 66I has full NZ topo maps and all other standard Garmin GPSMAP features, including trackback, and goto for full navigation.

Both units have the ability to get local weather forecasts, this does use more data, but could be a difference between staying put and risking a wet night out.

Both the 66i and the MINI have an SOS feature that goes directly to NZRCC and the TrackMe call ctr, if it’s activated, this gives you fast access to emergency services, and direct contact so the correct resources can be sent.
Hires include fair use of plan/data and access to your own tracking map for contacts to see where you are.

PLB Hire

ACR PLB 400 is a fantastic device if you want to remain off-grid but have a backup plan should something go wrong during your adventures. Nice and compact, it comes in its own pouch and can be set off one-handed.


Inreach Mini
$100 for a 3 day weekend
$150 for a 6-7 day week

$110 for a 3 day weekend
$190 for a 6-7 day week

$50 for a 6-7 day week

Hire time frames are based on usage times, we do allow a 2 – 3 day travel time for the courier or pick up, if you can not return it to KT Services within 2 – 3 days of use or need it earlier than your “usage” time, please advise and we can adjust the rental period, some costs may be involved.
KT Services will charge a courier fee to get it to you but the return courier is at your cost.
If you wish to hire for a longer period please contact us and we can discuss options and pricing.

By submitting this form and hiring a device from KT Services LTD you are agreeing to the indemnity clause on our Policy Page